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Last Updated : Apr 21, 2023

Volume of a Box -The Volume of a Box is equal to the length l times the width w times the height h.

Volume of The Box Calculator

Enter the value of Length(l)

Enter the value of Width(w)

Enter the value of Height(h)

What is meant by the Volume of a Box?

The volume of a Box, in general, is the space occupied by the shape Box. In Mathematics Rectangular Prism or Box is a three-dimensional figure having 2 edges, 8 vertices, 6 faces. Box or Rectangular Prism is the three-dimensional form of a 2D shape called Rectangle. If you rotate a rectangle about its axis, box or rectangular prism is formed. Another name of Box or Rectangular Prism is Cuboid.

The volume of Box is given by the formula = Length* Width* Height Cubic Units

How to find the Volume of a Box?

Let's have a closer look at how to find the Volume of a Box or Rectangular Prism in the following Section.

Volume of a Box can be calculated easily if you know all three dimensions length, width, and height. Usually, the Volume of a Box is the product of its dimensions. While doing the Volume Calculations make sure all the dimensions are in the same measurement.

If l is the length, h is the height and w is the width then Volume V = l*w*h Cubic Units

 The volume of a Box V = l*w*h Cubic Units


Calculate the Volume of the Box for length 5 Cm, Width 7 Cm, and height 8 Cm?


Given Length = 5 Cm

Width = 7 Cm

Height = 8 Cm

As per the formula for Volume of the Box V = l*w*h

Applying the given values in the formula we get the result as under

V = 5*7*8

= 280 Cm3

Guidelines to use Volume of a Box Calculator

If you are struggling with how to use the Volume of a Box Calculator to solve your problems you can check the procedure listed so that it becomes easy for you.

  • As a part of the finding, the Volume give the inputs in the input fields provided for length, width, height.
  • Choose the unit metric you want from the dropdown like m, cm, km, ft, in, etc.
  • After that click on the Area Button.
  • Finally, the Volume of the Box will be displayed in the Output field in less time.

FAQs on Volume of a Box

1. How do you calculate the Volume of the Box?

In order to calculate the Volume of the Box all you have to do is multiply the length, width, and height.

2. What is the formula to find the Volume of the Box?

Formula to find the Volume of the Box is given by V = l*w*h

3. What is LxWxH?

LxWxH means Length*Width*Height and it results in the Volume of the box.

4. How to Calculate Volume of Box Easily?

You can calculate the Volume of the Box easily by making use of the Volume of a Box Calculator on our page. You just need to provide inputs like length, width, height and you will get the output i.e. Volume in a fraction of seconds.