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Perimeter of Square -The perimeter of the square is defined as the length of the boundary of a square. For a square, the perimeter is calculated by adding its four sides. We know that all the sides of a square are equal and hence, its perimeter will be 4 times its side, i.e. 4 × side.

Perimeter of a Square Calculator

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The perimeter of a square calculator

This small calculator is devised to calculate the perimeter of a square. It is a free online tool to automatically know the area that is being asked in the given question.


The formula for Perimeter of a Square


The universal formula to calculate the perimeter of a square is-

4a= 4*a, where a is equal to the side of the square.

To measure the perimeter of a square, we need to know the length of its sides and multiply the length of sides by 4. All four sides have equal lengths. They are designated by the unit’s measure or centimeter.

Calculating the Perimeter of a square

The steps required are-

Step 1-Note down the length of sides given in the question

Step 2-Designate the length as ‘a’

Step 3- Write the formula- 4a= 4*a

Step 4- insert the values given in the question in the way as written in the formula.

Step 5- multiply the given sides by 4

Step 6-The result obtained is the measure of the perimeter in its assigned unit

Examples of Finding the Perimeter of a Square

Example 1-Find the perimeter of a square whose side is 100 cm


Step 1- the given side as ‘a’ is 100 cm.

Step 2- 4a=4*a

Step 3- 4*100= 400

Step 4- The perimeter of the square is 400 cm

Example 2-We may be asked to find the side of the square. For Example, Find the side of a square whose perimeter is 196 m.


Step 1- area= 196 m

Step 2- 4a= 4*a

Step 3- 196= 4*a => 196/4= a => a=49

Step 4- the side of the square is 49

Example 3-The ratio of the perimeters of 2 squares can be asked. For example, if the ratio of the area of two squares is 225:256, then the ratio of its perimeters will be-


Step 1- the side of the square be ‘a’. Then,

Step 2- a²/b²= 225/256= 15²/16²

Step 3- 4a/4b= 4*15/4*16= 15/16

Step 4- Then, the ratio of perimeters= 15:16

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the requirement to know the perimeter of a square?

A. If a square-shaped garden is needed to be protected by a stretch of the fence around it, the perimeter is found out to estimate the quantity of fence that is needed.

Q. Is square a polygon?

A square is a regular polygon of four sides

Q. Can the area of the diagonal of a square be calculated?

The diagonal of the square can be calculated. Its formula is a²= ½(diagonal) ².

Q. If the length of any one side of the square is changed, will the shape remain unchanged?

A. No, the shape of the square will change. It can then be formed into a rectangle.