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Area of a Regular Hexagon Calculator is a handy and free tool that gives the area of a regular hexagon in a short span of time. You need to enter Regular Hexagon Side in the input field and also select the units from the input section and tap on the calculate button to find the exact output easily.

Area of Regular Hexagon Calculator

Regular Hexagon Side

Formula to Get Area of a Regular Hexagon

We are giving the simple formulas that helps you to calculate the regular hexagon area in fraction of seconds. Check out all the formulas from the below section and use them to solve the area of a hexagon questions.

When you know the length of side of a regular hexagon,

Regular hexagon area formula is Area = 3√3 (s² / 2)

If perimeter of the regular hexagon is given, then

Area of a regular hexagon = 54√3 (p²)

Procedure to find Area of a Regular Hexagon

The following is the easy and simple instructions to find out the regular hexagon area. Have a look at them and follow to solve any question effortlessly.

  • Observe the question carefully and find out the length of side of a regular hexagon.
  • Square the hexagon length and multiply it by 3.
  • Divide the obtained value by 2 and multiply by √3.
  • The obtained resultant value will be the hexagon area.

Solved Example Questions

Example 1: Find the area of a regular hexagon whose side is 6 cm?


Given that,

side of a regular hexagon s = 6 cm

Area of a regular hexagon = 3√3 (s² / 2)

Substitute the s value in the area formula

Area = 3√3 (6² / 2)

= 3√3 (6 * 6 / 2)

= 3√3 (36 / 2)

= 3√3 (18)

= 54√3 = 93.53

∴ Area of a Regular Hexagon is 93.53 cm².

Example 2: If the base length is 5 cm and apothem height is 20 cm, then find the area of the hexagon?


Given that,

Base length b = 5 cm

Apothem height h = 20 cm

Area of a regular hexagon = 3/4 (base * height)

= 3/4 (5 * 20)

= 3/4 (100)

= 3 * 25

= 75

∴ Area of a Hexagon (Regular) is 75 cm².

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FAQs on Area of a Regular Hexagon Calculator

1. What is a Regular Hexagon?

Hexagon is a geometrical figure having six sides and six angles. If all the sides and angles measure equal quantity then it is called regular hexagon. The sum of interior angles of a regular hexagon is 720°. Each interior angle of a hexagon is 120°, and the number of diagonals in it is nine.

2. What are the types of hexagon?

Basically, we have two different types of hexagons. One is regular hexagon and other is irregular hexagon. In regular hexagon, all the faces of the polygon are in equal length and all interior angles are of same value. For irregular hexagon neither sides, nor angles are in equal value.

3. What is the process to find the area of a regular hexagon?

In every regular hexagon, we can draw 6 equilateral triangles by using the diagonals of it. We already know that, the area of an equilateral triangle is (√3/4) * side². So, hexagon area becomes 6 times area of an equilateral triangle. Therefore, area of hexagon = 6 * (√3/4) * side². = 3 * (√3/2) * side².