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Area of an Ellipse Calculator: It is a free online calculator tool that generates the accurate output exactly in fraction of seconds. It accepts ellipse of axis a, ellipse of axis b in the given input sections. You have to press the blue color calculate button to obtain the output easily. This Calculator is designed to make your calculations easier by just giving the values in input fields.

Area of an Ellipse Calculator

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What is the Formula for Area of an Ellipse?

Area of an ellipse is the multiplication of its axis with π. So, to calculate the area of an ellipse, we must have to measure the two axis radius of ellipse. Ellipse area is generally measured in square units. Area of an ellipse is defined as the area covered by all the points of an ellipse. The formula to calculate ellipse area is given by

Area of an ellipse = π (a * b)

Where, a is the major axis radius

b is the minor axis radius

π is a constant which is 22/7 or 3.14

Steps to Find Ellipse Area

You can calculate the area of an ellipse by using the parameters. We tried explaining it in a clear way by taking enough worked out examples. Have a glance at them and know the method approached to arrive at the solution.

  • Firstly, figure out the axis of an ellipse from the given question.
  • Multiply those axis values.
  • Multiply the product with π value.
  • Result is area of an ellipse for sure.

Area of an Ellipse Example Problems

Example 1: The ellipse has horizontal radius 16 cm and vertical radius 9 cm. Find the area of ellipse?


Given that,

Horizontal radius (a) = 16 cm

Vertical radius (b) = 9 cm

Area = π · a · b

Substitute the values

Area = π · 16 · 9

= 144 π

= 144 * 22 / 7

= 452.57

∴ Area of ellipse is 452.57 cm².

Example 2: Calculate the area of the ellipse where the major radius is 4 cm and minor radius is 3 cm?


Given that,

Major axis a = 4 cm

Minor axis b = 3 cm

Area = π · a · b

= π. 4 . 3

= 12 π

= 12 * 3.14

= 37.68

∴ Area of ellipse is 37.68 cm².

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FAQs on Ellipse Area Calculator

1. What are the applications of Ellipse?

We have wide applications in the field of physics, engineering, etc. For example, all the plants revolve in their orbits which are elliptical. Astronomy has a lot of use of this shape as many of the stars and plants are in elliptical shape.

2. How do you define ellipse?

Ellipse is a curve on the plane which is in oval shape. The sum of distances to its two focal points is always a constant quantity from any points on the elliptical curve. It belongs to the family of circles with both focal points at the same location. If major and minor axis in the ellipse are of same length and both foci at the center, then it becomes a circle.

3. How do you find the area of an ellipse?

You can use this free calculator tool to find the area of an ellipse easily. Or get the help from the manual procedure mentioned on this page to check the area of an ellipse.

4. Find the area of an ellipse. If diameter of major axis is 20 cm, minor axis is 14 cm.

Diameter of major axis d1 = 20 cm

Diameter of minor axis d2 = 14 cm

Area of an ellipse = π / 4 (d1 * d2)

Area = π / 4 (20 * 14) = π * 10 * 7

Area of an ellipse = 70π