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Make use of our free Semicircle Calculator tool that calculates the area, radius, perimeter and diameter of a semicircle effortlessly. This handy tool takes the input numbers and generates the accurate output as early as possible.


Semicircle Formula

Semicircle is half of a circle in simple words. When you cut a circle along the diameter or through the circle center, you will get the semicircle. Below provided are the formulas which are used to solve the area, perimeter, radius, and diameter of a semicircle. Go through them and follow while solving the related questions.

As semicircle is the half of a circle. The area of semicircle will become half of the circle area.

The formula to find the semicircle area = Circle area / 2

Area = πr2 / 2 [where r is the radius of the semicircle]

Perimeter of a semicircle is the half of the circumference of a circle and diameter of the semicircle. The formula is as follows

Perimeter = (circle circumference) / 2 + diameter of semicircle

P = π * r + d = π * r + 2 * r

Where r is the radius

d is the semicircle diameter

The formulas to find the radius of semicircle are here.

If area is given,

radius = √[(2 * area) / π]

If diameter is given,

diameter = 2 * radius

radius = diameter / 2

If the perimeter is given,

radius = perimeter / (π + 2)

If radius is given,

diameter = radius / 2

If area is given,

diameter = √(8 * area / π )

If perimeter is given,

diameter = (2 * perimeter) / (π + 2)

  1. Area of Semicircle
  2. Perimeter of Semicircle
  3. Radius of Semicircle
  4. Diameter of Semicircle

FAQs on Semicircle Calculator

1. What is meant by Semicircle?

Semicircle is the half of a circle. A point on the circle that joins another points and diameter remains same is called semicircle. It has arc and diameter.

2. Where can you get a calculator that calculates all operations of a semicircle?

You will find the formulas and detailed procedure to solve the area, radius, perimeter, and diameter of a semicircle on this page.

3. Where can I get the best tools for semicircle?

You can get the best and free tools to solve semicircle problems at a trusted and genuine site.