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Pentagon Calculator contains various other calculators like Pentagon Area Calculator, Pentagon Side Calculator, Pentagon Diagonal Calculator, and Pentagon Perimeter Calculator. You have to select any one from the given dropdown and proceed further to get the output in a short span of time. It will give exact result by taking the input as quick as possible.


Take the help of our online Pentagon Calculator to get the instant results and get complete knowledge on the area, perimeter, etc of the pentagon. On this page, you will find the simple formulae and many more useful details to calculate the side, area, perimeter, and diagonal of a pentagon manually.

Formulae for Pentagon

Pentagon is a geometrical shape having 5 sides of equal length. All the sides of pentagon are connected at their edges. Go through the following lines to get the various formula to compute the pentagon perimeter, area, diagonal and side. Make use of these formulae while solving the related topics.

  • Area of a Pentagon
  • The formula to find the area of pentagon is as follows:

    Pentagon area = 1/4 ((√(5 (5 + 2 √5) s2)

    Where, s is the side of a pentagon.

  • Perimeter of a Pentagon
  • Perimeter of a pentagon is the length of the outline of a pentagon. The formula to find the perimeter of a pentagon is as follows:

    Pentagon perimeter = 5 * s

    Where, s is the length of a pentagon side.

  • Side of a Pentagon
  • You can use any of these formulas to compute the side of a pentagon based on the given constraints.

    If perimeter of pentagon is given, then Side of a pentagon = perimeter / 5.

    If area of pentagon is given, then pentagon side = √[ (4 * a) / ((√(5 (5 + 2 √5))), where a is the area.

  • Diagonal of a Pentagon
  • The universal formula to calculate diagonal of a pentagon is diagonal = (1 + √5) / 2) * s, where s is the side of a pentagon.

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FAQs on Pentagon Calculator

1. How to use the pentagon calculator?

  • You have to select any one option from the drop down of the calculator i.e area, side, diagonal, and perimeter.
  • Enter the value of the input as given in the calculator.
  • You can also change the units of the input from cm, m, yard, etc.
  • Press on the calculate button.
  • Then, you will find the exact result in fraction of seconds.

2. What is a pentagon?

Pentagon is a five sided two dimensional geometric shape. It has five sides and five corners. If a polygon has five sides and all the sides length and angles are equal, then it is called pentagon.

3. What are the types of pentagons?

In total we have four different types of pentagon. They are along the lines:

1. Regular Pentagon: A geometrical shape with five equal sides and equal angles.

2. Irregular Pentagon: A geometrical shape with different lengths of sides and unequal sizes of angles.

3. Concave Pentagon: If a pentagon has an internal angle greater than 180 degrees, then it is a concave pentagon.

4. Convex Pentagon: If a pentagon has no internal angle greater than 180 degree, then it is a convex pentagon.

4. What is the formula to compute the height of a pentagon?

Pentagon height calculation formula is given below:

h = s / 2 x (√ (5 + 2√5))


h is the height of a pentagon and s is the side of the pentagon.

Online Pentagon Calculator
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